The Bagnall's of Wakefield

1841 census

William & Sarah Bagnall Household

1841 Census entry for William and Sarah Bagnall Household

From the 1841 census, we know that in 1841, William and Sarah lived at Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe.

William and Sarah are both listed as age 40 at that time. William was a moulder. Here are the children listed:

Thomas BagnallAge 15
Jonas BagnallAge 15
Mary BagnallAge 13
Maria BagnallAge 11
Jane BagnallAge 2

Ann Bagnall Household

1841 Census entry for Ann Bagnall Household

Ann Bagnall is listed at Crofton, perhaps In the same house as Elizabeth Rawlin. Could there be any link between Elizabeth Rawlin and Rawling's Yard in Stanley in later years? Ann may have been widowed or if the census only lists people present, then her husband may have been out at the time of the visit of the recorder. The census does however list her children:

Thomas BagnallAge 3
Joseph BagnallAge 1