The Bagnall's of Wakefield

Family Tree

Here is the Bagnall Family Tree.

There are gaps in the information contained here, if you have information to contribute, please contact me

The rows are ordered by date of birth (left to right), each row represents a generation.

The scope of this site is to cover my immediate family ancestry and those who have carried the Bagnall name. Of course there are many more ancestors who have married into the Bagnall family and I wish there were space and time to pay tribute to everyone, but I have to limit the scope.

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William Bagnall
Martha Badger
Joseph Bagnall
Jane Newton
George Bagnall
Mary ?
Ann Brogden
Sarah Bagnall
Mary Ann Bagnall
Joseph Bagnall
Sarah Woodhead
George Bagnall
John Bagnall
Hannah Willis
Hannah ?
Mary Bagnall
Thomas William Bagnall
Mary Ann Wilby
Thomas Bagnall
Elizabeth Bagnall
George Bagnall
Sarah Woodhead Bagnall
Alma Bagnall
Mary Ada Bagnall
Emma Bagnall
Joseph Bagnall
Clara Bagnall
Sam Bagnall
Harriett Ann Bagnall
Emma Bagnall
Hannah Bagnall
Ann E. Bagnall
Louisa Bagnall
Edith Bagnall
Dorothy Townsend
Sheila Button
Norah Line
Gertrude Mary Bagnall
Norah Bagnall
Patricia Bagnall
Donald Bagnall
Patricia Ellis
Shirley Bagnall
Lilian Bagnall
Mary Bagnall
Rob Bagnall
Pat ???
Marion Bagnall
Susan Margaret Dickinson
Richard Bagnall
Karin Trungel
Roger Bagnall
Carol Bagnall
Stephen Anthony Bagnall
Caroline Bagnall
Eric Bagnall
Anna Bagnall
Zoë Bagnall