The Bagnall's of Wakefield

1881 Census

Thomas & Hannah Bagnall Household

1881 Census entry for Thomas and Hannah Bagnall Household

From the 1881 census, we know that in 1881, Thomas and Hannah lived at Rawlings Yard (off Stanley Road).

Thomas is listed as being 59 and Hannah as 55. Thomas was still a builder at that time.

Curiously their granddaughter Sarah is listed aged 12, perhaps she was just visiting at the time of the census? This is my first evidence of Sarah Bagnall born around 1879.

John & Mary Ann Bagnall Household

1881 Census entry for John & Mary Ann Bagnall Household

John and Mary Ann are listed at 112 Stanley Road. John was a listed as builder, age 32, born in 1849, Mary Ann, his wife was 31, born in 1850. Their children at that time were:

Hannah Bagnall Scholar Age 8Born 1873
William BagnallScholarAge 6Born 1875
Ann E BagnallScholarAge 3Born 1880
George Bagnall Scholar Age 1Born 1878